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A whole bunch of weird memes that Saturnin55 doesn't consider 'real' enough to appear on MossRanking.

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The CategoriesEdit

Spelunky Biathlon Edit

An RTA run that completes an Any% run of Spelunky Classic followed immediately by an Any% run of Spelunky HD. The IGT time must be viewed at the end of the Classic run, then the HD run can begin. The timer stops upon entering the Olmec Door on the HD run.

Ix's Meme Olympics Edit

Complete Ix's Meme Olympics. Time ends on the self-sacrifice for Kapala%.


Sacrifice yourself on an altar and turn into a Kapala. No shortcuts.


Die while playing Spelunky. No menu-death or shortcuts. Time is taken from the death screen.

Machete Break%Edit

Destroy the Machete by clipping it into a wall.

  • 2.1 seconds by GruntingCrunchy
  • 2.2 seconds by Spef
  • 2.2 seconds by TNF
  • 2.3 seconds by Kinnijup
  • 2.3 seconds by Khold
  • 2.4 seconds by DaftLunk
  • 2.4 seconds by ShinGraywords
  • 2.5 seconds by BlueCadet-3
  • 2.6 seconds by chocolatecake5000(0)
  • 2.6 seconds by ABob71
  • 2.8 seconds by samcv
  • 2.8 seconds by Konato_K
  • 3.1 seconds by Cloiss
  • 3.9 seconds by JPlay
  • 4.2 seconds by MNC mascot
  • 4.4 seconds by ix
  • 5.8 seconds by Yandie
  • 6.4 seconds by InTol
  • 6.5 seconds by meowmixmix
  • 7.4 seconds by saturnin55
  • 8.5 seconds by Polo
  • 9.5 seconds by E5ten
  • 27.6 seconds by ContraMuffin
  • 1:24.7 by porknbeens (pork)
  • 7:04.4 by porknbeens (beens)

Double Machete Break%Edit

Destroy two Machetes by clipping them into walls.

  • 12.5 seconds by ABob71
  • 13.5 seconds by Kirby703
  • 27.8 seconds by ShinGraywords
  • 55.2 seconds by JPlay
  • 1:17.6 seconds by TNF

Machete Clip%Edit

Like Machete Break%, but the machete needs to live after being clipped.

  • 8.1 seconds by samcv
  • 8.3 seconds by chocolatecake5000(0)
  • 10.0 seconds by GruntingCrunchy
  • 11.6 seconds by DaftLunk
  • 13.2 seconds by DieDai
  • 14.1 seconds by ABob71
  • 23.2 seconds by Khold
  • 26.6 seconds by JPlay
  • 31.1 seconds by Konato_K
  • 44.3 seconds by TNF


Stun yourself using the Camera.

  • 1.9 seconds by Kinnijup
  • 2.1 seconds by Carlibraun
  • 2.3 seconds by ix
  • 2.5 seconds by DaftLunk
  • 2.5 seconds by Chocolatecake5000
  • 2.5 seconds by MNC mascot
  • 2.8 seconds by ABob71
  • 2.9 seconds by BlueCadet-3
  • 3.3 seconds by ShinGraywords
  • 3.5 seconds by Cloiss
  • 4.2 seconds by Konato_K
  • 5.7 seconds by DieDai
  • 7.2 seconds by Abob71
  • 8.0 seconds by MikeIsMyIke
  • 9.5 seconds by saturnin55
  • 13.9 seconds by TNF
  • 15.6 seconds by meowmixmix


Freeze yourself using the Freeze Ray.

  • 8.7 seconds by Kirby703
  • 18.176 seconds by GruntingCrunchy

Petrock% Edit

Low% run, but you have to pick up your petrock that spawns next to you on 1-1 and never drop/throw it.


Use Frozlunky to play through Spelunky in all dark levels.

Dark% HellEdit

Dark%, but with a Hell completion.

Anubis II to YamaEdit

Defeat Yama and exit while Anubis II is still alive.


Defeat Olmec without running and exit.


Safely deliver an eggplant to the starving villagers in the overworld (bonus points if you complete this with a 1-1 Parachute).

Cape RunEdit

Kill Yama with a Cape.

  • 25:19.589 by Konato_K (also delivered Robot to Yama)

Action Hero Any%Edit

Escape each level just in time before a bomb explodes behind you!!!

Action Hero Low% Edit

Regular Action Hero%, but the player must collect exactly 12 bombs in the mines and must do the whole run low%, not counting the extra 12 bombs.


Surf on a Giant Spider, Giant Frog, Mammoth, and Mummy, then defeat Olmec!

Alien Pot%Edit

Get an alien in a pot!

  • 0.3 seconds by amourietta
  • 0.4 by BisleyT
  • 0.9 by ix
  • 0.9 by ImpossibleHawkMan
  • 1.4 by samcv
  • 3.1 by Skylark
  • 6.4 by chocolatecake5000(0)
  • 17.2 by TNF
  • 27.5 by GruntingCrunchy
  • 41.8 by InTol
  • 3:37.5 by ShinGraywords

UFO GrabEdit

The player needs to hold a UFO on their hands. Ice caves shortcut allowed.

  • 0.8 seconds by InTol
  • 1.6 seconds by ix
  • 1.7 seconds by samcv
  • 2.4 seconds by ix
  • 2.7 seconds by Abob
  • 3.0 seconds by GruntingCrunchy (also a 1.9 second run w/ pause)
  • 3.3 seconds by Konato_K

Golden Monkey%Edit

Spawn a Golden Monkey. No shortcuts allowed.

  • 12.4 seconds by BlueCadet-3
  • 12.9 seconds by GruntingCrunchy
  • 14.2 seconds by chocolatecake5000
  • 14.2 seconds by TNF
  • 18.0 seconds by DaftLunk

No Gold Olmec FailplantEdit

Satisfy the requirements of Olmec Failplant% and No Gold in a single run.

No Gold Draining OlmecEdit

Satisfy the requirements of Draining Olmec and No Gold in a single run.

Draining Olmec Hell% Edit

A run satisfying the conditions of Hell% and Draining Olmec.

Max Draining Olmec Hell% Edit

A run satisfying the conditions of Max Hell% and Draining Olmec.

Forever Alone Any%Edit

A run ending with two or more players completing the game. All players must be controlled by the same human being, with the same controller or separate (bonus points if it's deathless).

  • 3:54.8 by ix (Deathless, No Gold)
  • 4:03.386 by MNC mascot (Deathed)
  • 4:31.914 by chocolatecake5000(0) (deathless wr babyyyyyyyy)
  • 4:41.600 by Mazerak (Deathed, skipped exact time)
  • 5:02.247 by Khold (Deathless)
  • 6:27.780 by Kirby703 (Deathed)
  • 6:32.441 by Konato_K (Deathless)
  • 7:27.018 by GruntingCrunchy (Deathed)
  • 9:17.386 by ContraMuffin (Very much deathed)

No Gold All Shortcuts + Olmec Edit

Complete an All Shortcuts + Olmec run without picking up any gold during the entire run, except for the 10k split where you must pick up exactly 10,000 gold.

Low% All Shortcuts + Olmec Edit

Complete an All Shortcuts + Olmec run without using any extra items or health throughout the run.

Low% All Shortcuts + Yama Edit

Complete an All Shortcuts + Yama run without using any extra items or health throughout the run.

Low% Firepot Edit

A run satisfying the conditions of the Low% category in which the Spelunker dies to a Magma Man after exiting Olmec's Lair with a Cauldron.

Low% Hell Firepot Edit

A run satisfying the conditions of the Low% Hell category in which the Spelunker dies to a Magma Man after exiting Yama's Lair with a Cauldron.

  • 14:29.863 by ix (note: placeholder WR... Magma Man jumped over my head. Not sure if this is RNG or something else, but if anyone beats this with a slower time while killing themselves, I'd consider that the WR instead of mine).

Master Sword Low% Hell Edit

A run satisfying the conditions of Max Low% Hell category except that the Crysknife is mandatory.

Deep Sea Diver Run Edit

Low%, except the Spelunker must collect all treasure and crates at the bottom of the lake in a Rushing Water level. He/she may use any items collected in this fashion.

All Legendary Items Edit

Complete a Hell run holding a Plasma Cannon or Shield, Vlad's Cape equipped, and with ONLY the following passives: Udjat Eye, Hedjet, Book of the Dead, Kapala, Crysknife and Vlad's Amulet.

Reverse Shortcut% Edit

Beat Olmec starting from the temple, then ice caves, and then jungle shortcuts, before finishing with a normal Low% run from the mines. (All runs must be Low%; you can reset after reaching the Olmec exit to skip the credits.)

No Gold Max Basejump (retired from MossRanking) Edit

A run satisfying the requirements of the No Gold Max Hell% and Basejump runs.

No Gold Basejump Edit

A run satisfying the requirements of the No Gold Hell% and Basejump runs.

Shield Basejump Run Edit

A run satisfying the requirements of the Shield Run and Basejump runs.

New Game+ Max Low% Edit

Max Low%, except shortcuts are allowed.

New Game+ No% Edit

Complete a No% run. Shortcuts are allowed.

No% True Pacifist Mines Edit

Complete the mines without collecting any gold, using any bombs or ropes, and no killing.

  • 28.2 seconds by Khold
  • 32.6 seconds by ix
  • 34.5 seconds by Mikulus
  • 38.8 seconds by chocolatecake50000
  • 49.5 seconds by BronxTaco

Half-Max No% Edit

A No% run that goes through either the Worm OR the Mothership.

No Gold Big Money Edit

The player has to complete the game and get a final score of at least $500,000 without collecting any money outside of the City of Gold.

True Basejump% Edit

Ain't nobody got time to do a Hell% run. Deploy a 1-1 parachute.

  • 2.1 seconds by Cloiss
  • 3.0 seconds by ix
  • 3.3 seconds by Carlibraun
  • 4.7 seconds by chocolatecake5000(0)

True True Basejump% Edit

Activate a 1-1 parachute the ENTIRE length (from the very top block to the very bottom block) of the the worm. Timer ends as soon as you touch the bottom block of the worm.

Olmec Basejump% Edit

Jump from the very top of Olmec's Lair and deploy a 1-1 parachute, descending slowly into the lava pit below without touching magma men. Optional: revive with the Ankh and finish the run.

Buy% Edit

Shopkeeper aggro is not allowed. Every item from every shop must be bought. Damsels must be picked up and bought from damsel shops (getting a kiss is not necessary). The entirety of the level must be checked for levels that can spawn shops. Roulette wheels must be spun once (result doesn't matter). To maximize the levels a shop can spawn on, entering the mothership is required. Ends after beating hell (meaning entering the black market and buying everything is required).

Half RTA% Edit

Starting from a fresh save file, unlock half of the shortcuts (Jungle and Ice Caves), half of the journal entries, and half of the characters (8/16). Timer begins at character selection and ends as soon as the last requirement is met. (It is suggested to use the All Journal Entries livesplit timer with the journal and character trackers open, although this is not necessary).

  • 24:35 by GruntingCrunchy

Paranormal Investigator% Edit

Starting with a 1-1 camera, need to take a picture of the ghost every level except Olmec. Run ends at Olmec.

Pacifist Any% Edit

The player has to end adventure at the exit after defeating Olmec, with an enemy kill count of 1 (only killing Olmec is allowed).

Pacifist Low% Edit

The player has to end adventure at the exit after defeating Olmec, with an enemy kill count of 1 (only killing Olmec is allowed). The run must also satisfy the conditions of the Low% category.

Pacifist Any% No Gold Edit

Loki% Edit

The player has to pick up the key in the mines and carry it all the way to Olmec's Lair under the conditions of the Low% category. The player may do whatever they wish with the Key after this condition is met. The timer stops at the exit door after defeating Olmec under the conditions of the Low% category.

Bedtime% Edit

The player must place all the critters from the shortcut entrances into the Tunnel Man's bedroom for a bedtime story as fast as possible. The timer starts upon descending the rope in the character select screen and ends upon placing the last critter in the bedroom. All critters must be in the bedroom for the timer to end.

Thunderdome% Edit

Two Spelunkers enter. One Spelunker leaves. The player must damage and kill 4-1 Anubis with nothing but a rock. They must then pick up the Sceptre. The timer ends upon leaving the exit.

  • 3:42.7 by Loki Nighton (retimed by Cloiss)

Ankh Run Edit

A run completed after dealing the killing blow on Yama with the Ankh.

Book of the Dead Run Edit

A run completed after dealing the killing blow on Yama with the Book of the Dead.

Hedjet Run Edit

A run completed after dealing the killing blow on Yama with the Hedjet.

Resurrection Run Edit

A run satisfying the conditions of an Ankh Run, but the player must die and resurrect on every level they go to starting from the Black Market level.

No% Score Edit

A run to see who can get the highest score while satisfying the No% conditions.

2. Chocolate Memes Edit

Max low crysknife Edit

Max low but have to kill anubis with the crysknife from the worm

Vlad Amulet% Edit

Kill yama with vlads amulet

Big Money Olmec Finish Edit

same rules as big money but have to end after beating olmec

Sacrifice% shortcut edition Edit

sacrifice Yourself to kali from a shortcut

  • 3.951 by chocolatecake5000(0)

I need my mummy% Edit

Die to whipping a mummy fly into yourself

  • 5.967 by chocolatecake5000(0)

Top To Bottom% Edit

Fall from the top block of the Ice Caves to the abyss without touching ground.

Fly% Edit

Make your character fly by crawling over the edge of a falling platform. Timer ends when the hanging animation has finished.

  • 1.7 by InTol
  • 2.1 by GruntingCrunchy
  • 2.5 by Carlibraun
  • 4.6 by TNF

Ice caves jetpack% Edit

Kill yourself while wearing a jetpack, starting from the Ice Caves.

  • 5.316 by GruntingCrunchy
  • 13.386 by chocolatecake50000

Mine Rope Trick% Edit

Change the trajectory of a thrown rope with a mine

  • 3.216 by GruntingCrunchy
  • 3.986 by chocolatecake5000

Double Mine Rope Trick% Edit

Do a mine rope trick but with 2 mines

  • 4.666 by chocolatecake5000

Lando% Edit

Get frozen like ya boi lando calrissian

Wormbreak% Edit

Softlock the game by resetting the game before the Worm eats you. Timer ends at the end of the level. Shortcuts are allowed.

  • 11.5 by chocolatecake50000
  • 12.5 by ContraMuffin

Glitch% Edit

Make a TNT block disappear with a damsel and perform the floaty Hired Help trick with the robot. Run ends upon defeating olmec.

True Glitch% Edit

Same as glitch% but also requires you to drain olmec's lair with a jetpack

Blue Frog% Edit

Hold a Blue Frog in your hand. No shortcuts allowed.

Glitch Doggo% Edit

Make a TNT dissapear with Damsel

  • 2.6 by chocolatecake5000(0)
  • 3.8 by MNC mascot
  • 7.9 by Carlibraun
  • 9.0 by E5ten
  • 24.2 by Cloiss (found this old clip lol)

Tiki man% Edit

See how long you can keep a 1-1 boomerang in the air

  • 5484 seconds by Stuoid
  • 360 seconds by Carlibraun
  • 156 seconds by TNF
  • 153 seconds by chocolatecake50000
  • 44 seconds by Cloiss

Triple Surf% Edit

Surf a giant spider 3 times in the mines

Key to Anubis% Edit

kill Anubis with a key from the mines. Timing ends on Anubis kill.

  • 5:38.6 by chocolatecake5000(0)

Haunted Faxplant Edit

do a haunted maxplant but get robotrolled and finish the run by crysknifing yama with vlads cape

Walk% Temple% Edit

Beat Olmec from temple shortcut without running and also low%

Blow up 4 pots% Edit

Blow up 4 pots

  • 5.2 by chocolatecake5000(0)
  • 21.4 by TNF

Pot% Edit

Find pots from 1-1 spawn looking down and up

  • 10 pots by chocolatecake50000
  • 5 pots by TNF

Snackrifice% Edit

sacrifice yourself inside a mantrap. Shortcuts are allowed.

  • 3.436 by chocolatecake5000(0)

Naked TP Edit

A teleporter run that forbids the use of capes and jetpack

Skullplant% Edit

Kill Yama with a skull from the mines and exit the level

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